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Discover our extensive selection of swimwear, beachwear, resort wear and cruise wear. Explore the latest high fashion collection by leading international designer brands.
Maryan Mehlhorn, Gottex, Diva, Feraud-Paris, Charmline, Lea, Gideon Oberson, Roasch, Gottex Silver, Gottex Profile, Roberto Cavalli and many others.

Swimwear Emporium website is all about leveraging your shopping experience of your entire vacation wardrobe. We aim to make it entertaining and pleasurable with an innovative personalized shopping that keeps our commitment to serve your individual requirements.

While we primarily focus on the latest high fashion swimwear by leading international designer labels, we also offer a full range of co-ordinate and matching apparel creating a total look for your summer holidays and free-time lifestyle.

If you are looking for swimwear melbourne, swimwear brands, swimwear sydney, bikinis, swimsuit, resort wear or cruise wear you are at the right place: with our swimwear melbourne shop and swimwear sydney shop – we got you covered.

Please note the style number of the looks you like than email us or call our boutiques in Melbourne or Sydney and we shall assist you with further details of your choice.

To better serve your needs our qualified staff will attend to any particular features you may require making you look better and feel comfortable and fashionable on the beach, around the pool or on a cruise. We at Swimwear Emporium offer you a huge range of unique collections from around the world to suit all ages, shapes and sizes. Our dedicated and trained staff will be pleased to assist you in selecting and fitting the most suitable and complementary look swimsuit as well as matching cover-ups such as Sarongs, Blouses or Caftans.

By regularly updating and introducing innovative and sophisticated new collections we strive to ensure that you will arrive at your favourite destination confidant and comfortable ready to enjoy your vacation.

了解我们 2017 年度泳装、沙滩装、度假服装和游船服装的广泛可选类别。探索国际知名品牌的最新时尚系列。

Maryan Mehlhorn、Gottex、Diva、Feraud-Paris、Charmline、Lea、Gideon Oberson、Roasch、Gottex Silver、Gottex Profile、Roberto Cavalli 等等应有尽有。

泳装百货(Swimwear Emporium )网站完全只关乎您如何利用全部度假衣柜的购物体验。我们的目标是透过创新的个性化购物使顾客感到受到款待且购物愉快,以此保持我们的承诺来满足您的个人需求。


若您正在寻找墨尔本泳装、品牌泳装、悉尼泳装、比基尼、泳装套装、度假服装或游船服装,您来的正是地方:我们有墨尔本泳装店和悉尼泳装店 – 覆盖了您之所需。





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