Each and every woman are more than their measurements. Everybody types in case of size and shape are different and unique. Because beauty begins from the inside out. There is nothing more beautiful and extraordinary than a woman being unapologetic to herself. Most of them are now comfortable in their imperfectly perfect self. That is the essence of true beauty. Even if no one is by your side your body shows up for you. Each and every day therefore it is entitled to your wholehearted love. Swimwear is the most beautiful and sexy outfit. For any sunny vacation or summer season swimsuits are the best for the beach. Therefore, swimwear Melbourne offers multiple solution-based swimwear that would suit your body type and shape. Here they offer fashionable and reasonable swimwears that hides your belly.

The extra pounds

When we gain some extra pounds in our tummy or midsection area. It’s spontaneous to feel anxious about wearing swimsuits on the beach. Nevertheless, there are no rules not to wear a bikini if we gain some extra pounds. You can wear whatever they want. They just have to find the best swimsuit that would hide the midsection of your tummy. Swimwear Melbourne would make you look slim.  With some tricks that show your stomach and smooth curves. However, nothing truly ever comes from a comfort zone. There are times several women debate with themselves to find the best swimsuits. In order to hide a tummy bulge that can develop due to postpartum moms. Or the women with age factor from what we eat.

The summer season

As the summer season approaches our door or that long-awaited sunny vacation. Most women are conflicted to find a stylish and affordable bathing swimsuit. That would hide unwanted tummy fat. However, finding a perfect swimsuit like swimwear Melbourne that would be flattering and skinny is a big task. If you have belly fat. These swimsuits include skinny to fat, postpartum Moms, aged ladies, obsessed ones, and plus-size body frames. However, recently many bathing suits are designed to cover your tummy bulge. But it comes at a bit expensive given the design they offer.


Therefore, to deal with this problem, I have searched all the corners of the internet. I got to the conclusion, that design is the most significant phase.

  • In the process of manufacturing and designing the swimsuits. As they pay close attention to all the aspects.
  • The designers pay close attention to all the aspects of appeal and fashion.
  • What is being worn? What type of fabric should be used? What colour coding and fashion will be better? etc.
  • The very first thing Swimsuit designers think about is comfort. So that every woman would feel at ease with the colour, fabric, and as well as elasticity of the said material.
  • They also make body shaper swimsuits that would your extra pound of belly fat. Resulting in a slim appearance.
  • These swimsuit designers use a monopoly of a handful of sketches and base their idea on CAD (computer-assisted design software).
  • To create new and unique styles. They hand sketched all the ideal designs and enlarged them to develop patterns. That would look the same as the sample is cut from the material.
  • However, the swimsuit garment is suited to a mannequin.
  • Further making the necessary adjustment until they achieve the desired look.
  • Later on, the colours and fabric material are selected to make the final masterpiece. Thus, the designer makes the necessary adjustments.

Types of swimsuits

  • Bandeau – It is a type of strapless bikini top offering bare shoulders. So that there will be no tan lines. As they don’t have much support. They have perfectly suited for cup sizes A-C. Additionally, they have strings that you can tuck away or use them.
  • Convertible Dress/Skirt – This is designed to be flexible with a smooth elastic swimwear pattern. To be worn as a dress. But also, can be pulled down to the hips. So that it may look like a skirt.
  • Asymmetric – It is a trendy fashion that has a strap on one shoulder and bares on the other one. Asymmetric one-piece is quite trendy these days.
  • Banded Bottoms – It offers a wider fabric cover to the bikini bottoms. The elastic band is also placed for a flat and skinny look. Along with a moderate bottom coverage.
  • Chevron – It is a type of inverted v-shaped pattern of a swimsuit. This design looks at the best slimming effect hiding your tummy.
  • Colour Block – In this colour block pattern the swimwear is made of two or more strong colours in blocks.
  • Brazilian – It is a sexy type of swimwear with a thong-like bottom. They offer the least butt coverage as possible.
  • Banded Halter Top-It has a broad elastic band under the bust to give extra support. In order to flaunt your curves.
  • Hipster Bottom – It is categorised as a two-piece swimsuit bottom. That is particularly designed to adjust low on the hips. That is why named hipster’s bottoms
  • Bandini – It is a two-piece swimsuit that is bare on the shoulders. Similar to that of a bandeau top.
  • Monokini – It is a one-piece swimsuit material with only the brief. It has two straps running in an upwards direction exposing your entire upper body to be seen.
  • Burkini- It is a stylish form of swimsuit for women. The design of the swimsuit covers the entire body. Exempting the face, the hands, and the feet. To feel light while swimming.
  • Maillot- It is the top fashion design named for a one-piece swimsuit. It is also referred to as a tank suit. It comprises a tank-style torso top. That has high-cut legs. It can also be categorised into a turtleneck-style top, plunging neckline, and revealing cutouts.
  • Bustier – It is a type of swimsuit. Its basic purpose is to push up the bust. So that the tightening against the upper midsection area. Simultaneously forcing the breasts up. And shaping the waist by giving a skinny appearance.

Some of the latest brands

  • Charmeline
  • Iodus
  • Fraud
  • Watercult
  • Maryan Mehlhorn
  • Gottex
  • Lidea
  • Furstenberg


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