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Profile Swimwear by Gottex
The Swimwear profile by Gottex collection has a unique vision of uncovering the mystery of women – what motivates them, what they desire, how they feel, and then utilizing this profound understanding of women to create swimwear that speaks to them and for them.

Creating many divers profiles of women is at the core of this exquisite line and enables Gottex to connect with women of different lifestyles and backgrounds through fashion.

The Swimwear Profile by Gottex collection
Profile is all about femininity, celebrating all women, no matter age or style and being able to provide them with swimwear that makes them feel heard, understood and empowered.

The beauty of a woman comes from within, each with her own unique profile, and because,as stated by head designer, Michal Weinberg, “…a swimsuit is the most revealing garment in a woman’s wardrobe…” it has to showcase the woman at her best and accentuate her beauty to the max.

The design team behind Profile put emphasis designing innovating shapes, cuts and combinations of color and material which will flatter the female figure and reflect a woman’s personality.

In the collection you can find a wide variety of fabulous prints as well as solids, all constructed of high quality sensitive Lycra, with a possibility of mixing and matching, thus allowing every woman to create the perfect garment for her.

The Profile collection also offers different sized cups which even cater to larger busts with choices ranging from molded cups, twisted cups and ruffles.

Profile at Swimwear Emproium
Discover the fresh and exciting new designs of Profile Swimwear by Gottex collection has to offer on the Swimwear Emporium website and enjoy the freedom to celebrate your beauty in style.