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The Swimwear Charmline collection is innovative and slimming whilst stylish and beautiful. Look for yourself on the Swimwear Emporium site.

Swimwear Charmline

This youthful brand specializes in body control swimwear, especially engineered to look stylish and sophisticated yet comfortable. Using special body control fabrics, Charmline swimwear offers women a swimsuit that is actually slimming!

Swimwear Charmline designs
Charmline swimwear label is a part of the Maryan Mehlhorn swimwear brand. Since its founding in the 90’s, Charmline has gained worldwide success thanks to a wide range of shapes, swimsuit cuts and intriguing print and color choices – all of which complement woman of different sizes and personal tastes.

The micro forming fabric used in the swimwear designed by Maryan Mehlhorn was created especially for the Charmline label and has earned multiple awards for its innovative and slimming properties.

The designs are truly brilliantly constructed, colored with bright colors so that when you walk around with a Charmline swimsuit you get noticed for your smart swimwear fashion choice.

Charmline at swimwear emporium
Whether it be a small string bikini, a high cut bikini, a form fitting one piece or one of a wide range of fashionable cover-ups and accessories – the swimwear Charmline collection offers items that every woman would love to have.

So, if you love fashion and want to look your best while sitting poolside or at the beach – you will definitely find what you’re looking for in the latest Charmline swimwear collection. It is now available at the Swimwear Emporium and you can browse the latest Charmline collection on our web site.

We, at Swimwear Emporium, aim to provide every woman with all the latest high fashion swimwear collections available worldwide. And in order to make your shopping experience personalized and even more pleasurable, you can also contact us by phone or email for personal assistance in finding the best Charmline design for your body type.

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